Wednesday, November 19, 2014


                          SWEET MELODIES!!

The stars seem to be shinning brighter,
The clouds have given way to new rays of sun shine.
You remind me of the rainbow colors after the rain.
Every new day brings new smiles and reasons to laugh.
All because you bring sweet melodies to my heart.
I move and dance to the rhythm of these new found melodies.  
Every step bringing me closer to you, Close enough to see my heart.

With you life is better, and my days are sweeter.
Just because God decided to bless me with the amazing gift which is you.
With you life is a beautiful picture, framed perfectly.
I don't know what tomorrow holds,
But I am grateful for today because I have you in it
Thank you for being an amazing friend.
 Cheers to Godly friendships that last.

By prize abimbola arowolo 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

                      BEAUTY IS WHAT I SEE WHEN I SEE YOU!!

It is common knowledge that girls are under a lot of pressure to look a certain way, or dress a certain way to look and feel like they are beautiful. I have never really fallen into this trap, but I have seen a lot of my friends and acquaintances fall into this trap. Where they feel they are not slim enough, are not tall enough, are not light enough, and are not good enough.  No one can make you feel a certain way without your permission.

The painful part is the media makes this worse by portraying a certain type of image to be the ultimate example of what beauty really is. And if you fall short of that, well you have to work hard to become that image. The most amazing part is this image changes with time. And you find people constantly changing themselves to fit into what that image should look like.
When it comes to beauty, I believe we have different unique shapes and flavors. But the huge problem is, most ladies look at themselves from the outside- in instead of looking from the inside-out. What do I mean by this? Let me explain it to you. Your outward appearance is just one segment or one part of what makes you beautiful. And if you focus only on that, while neglecting the inner beauty, and your character and many other traits you should work on such as your confidence, you will always find yourself trying to do more to keep the outward beauty.  The most disappointing part of it is the outward beauty is the one that fades away the fastest with time and age.  And that is why you find women who are so desperate to cheat nature because all they ever really invested in was the outward beauty.

Now inward beauty is also as important as the outward beauty but not so many people know this. The truth is, if you have a bunch of insecurities on your inside, low self-esteem, anger, jealousy, pride, malice, and unhealthy competition, no amount of outward make up or work out will cover that up. It will find its way out. If you are not satisfied with yourself on the inside, you won’t be satisfied on the outside. You will always be in search of more. I have come across so many ladies who are intimidated by the shade and color of another woman’s beauty. And the reason for this is because they have not gone inside to discover all the different shades of beauty God has deposited in them. They are just focused on what beauty looks like on the outside. Insecurity is born out of selfishness. It is a force that wishes it has more of what has been given to someone else by God. You find people insecure about their legs, their hair, their eyes, their size, their color and a lot more. But the truth is if they could focus their energy on the things that are going well for them, like the fact that they have two legs, their skin type is okay, their hair is available and not falling out because of cancer or some other ailment they would realize how beautiful they are.   And how grateful they should be for their portion instead of trying to be or look like someone else.

Another problem is people listen to other peoples voices. And lose their voice in the process. Oh you are too fat, you are too slim, and why is your hair like this? And before you know it you allow these voices drown you. You try to get validation from the media, from a boyfriend, from your family. And when you don't hear them tell you what you want to hear, you feel you have to do more, get slimmer, apply a little more makeup and all of that. But the safest place to get validation is from God. He says you are fearfully and wonderfully made.  He crafted you out perfectly and did not make a mistake. Every time you complain it is like telling God he made a mistake when he created you. There is nothing wrong with trying to look good. If you feel you gained a lot of weight, lose the weight but love yourself in all your forms. Today you are young and beautiful, tomorrow you will be old and gray. Will you throw your old self away?  I spend time in front of my mirror to always remind myself that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. My voice is perfect, my height is perfect, my personality is unique, and my color is perfect. And the days when I don't feel like it, I am reminded that God loves me the way I am.  So yes beauty is what I see when I see me, and it is what I see when I see you. Compliment yourself and focus on the positive parts of your life. Work on your weaknesses and let your beauty be to the glory of God. Both on the inside and on the outside.  Your outward beauty is just the cover to the amazing things God has deposited on your inside. Reach down deep inside of you and unleash your inner beauty.


Thursday, November 6, 2014

                    GOD BRINGS PURPOSE OUT OF PAIN!!!

          I had a couple of rough times last year and the first half of this year. My family had to go through the painful ordeal of watching our sister Sharon, battle cancer for four years straight. During this period my faith in God wavered. I could not understand how a God who they say is loving will let such a kind hearted girl go through that type of pain. And the most frustrating part is there was nothing we could do to take it away. We prayed, fasted, and spent a lot of money on treatments but it just kept getting worse. It was so difficult to have fun with friends or fully concentrate in school when I knew my sister was in pain fighting every day for dear life. 

          I was so down and this very strong depression came over me. I refused to go to school for my exams, I could not go to church either. I was so angry with God. We were born and raised in a pastors home, and all our lives, we have tried to please God. Yet he keeps letting us go through the fire. So I resolved in my heart that I was done with this whole God thing. I decided to go home for summer in order to help my mum get a little rest while I take care of my sister. To my greatest surprise, her faith in God did not waver. She was still strong and fervent in the lord. And that was when God began to work on my heart again. I did not believe in miracles anymore and I told Sharon that. She replied by letting me know all is well. And when I said a prayer that night, I was reminded that waking up every day is a miracle. Being able to do little things like eat, drink, use the toilet without pain is a gift and a miracle. Sharon's faith in God woke me up and reminded me to trust God in good and in bad times. 

        I returned to school better and stronger in the lord. And in July I received a call from my dad. My friend and I were listening to him on speaker phone. He said a prayer and from the way he prayed I could tell my sister had gone to be with the lord. He eventually broke the news to me, and for hours I could not cry it felt unreal. I thought I was prepared for this but nothing ever prepares you to lose a loved one. I eventually cried and could not stop crying. It was one of the most painful things I have experienced in my life. But it was also the period when God began to clean me up and help me up again. It was such a painful process losing my sister and a lot of other things I cherished all at the same time. And all I could hear from God was trust me. He would lead me to scriptures each day that would give me comfort, and I would share them with my family members and friends on Facebook. 

       Finally I began to learn how to smile again, but God was not done. I felt like God was testing me and making me give up things for his sake that I wanted to keep. But truly when God wants to give you a fresh start, he has to clear out all the cluster and pain from your heart. He has to take you through the fire to prepare you for the task ahead. I spoke about my sister because we both had a dream when we were kids to point girls and women to God with all the gifts he had given us. And finally God has given me a platform. I emerged the winner of the just concluded Miss Nigeria in Russia beauty pageant and I know God was totally behind me. He gave me so much favor, touched the hearts of my friends to help me in ways I can't even repay them. He even made strangers support me. It has been a huge blessing so far and I feel humbled. Why did I narrate this long story someone may ask? Well the reason is this. I know someone is out there who feels like God has shut the door on you, and everything is just going wrong. But the truth is God is with you in all of it. He never leaves nor forsakes his own. Keep trusting the lord and let God know that you love him and will always have faith in his plan even when you don't understand it. Someone once said «A bad day does not really mean a bad week, a bad week does not really mean a bad month, a bad month does not really mean a bad year, and a bad year does not really mean a bad life». So keep holding on to God and do not give up on yourself and your dream. God will bring it to pass.  Sometimes God brings your purpose out from your pain!! 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

                           HEAVEN GAINED AN ANGEL TODAY!!
This is going to be one of the most painful and difficult pieces to write because heaven gained an angel today. Sharon praise arowolo. It is so difficult to write about someone who means the world to you in past tense because they are no longer here with us. But our consolation is we know she is with the lord and the angels smiling down on us as she always did while she was here.
    My sister, my mentor, and my friend has joined the angels. She loved like Jesus did, was diligent in all she did, from her studies to her responsibilities. A lot of tears but I have to remind myself that she belonged to Jesus before he sent her down to be a blessing to our family. And he has decided to call her home to glory and eternal rest. I am proud and priviledged to have been a part of her journey because in the end, we are all passers by. This is not our destination but a temporary home. I have so many blessed and precious memories of her, but what I loved most about her was she always looked like jesus in all she did.
     Wipe away your tears because sharon won in the end. She is free from pain, from sickness, from sleepless nights, and from sorrow. Her spirit is alive in the lord and she is singing with the angels. I know exactly what she would want me to say on such a day as this. And that would be to remind us that in the short time we will be on earth, we must live our lives to please and glorify God, love and forgive. I don't want to accept it, but in the end we have to trust Gods plan. Sharon is and will always be in our hearts, our prayers, and our minds. She lives on through all the lives God allowed her to affect during her stay here on earth.
       Sharon praise bolafetioluwa Arowolo. You will be missed. And till we meet to part no more. We love you dearly and thank you for being a blessing and an angel through out your stay with us. You fought your battle with grace and constant faith. You loved God through it all and never complained. We say welldone. You showed us all a good way to live. We thank God for the gift of you. This is not goodbye. It's till we meet again at Jesus feet. I love you.