Tuesday, March 6, 2018


:                   HEART BREAKS NOT THE WORSE THING IN THE WORLD I know you are wondering what I am thinking saying heart breaks are...


I know you are wondering what I am thinking saying heart breaks are not that bad especially if you are going through one right now. The truth is while you are going through a heart break it can feel like the end of the world. But in my experience, heart breaks are good.

I remember my first heart break and how terrible I felt, but the truth is if you deal with the pain properly, you will grow past it. You must realize that if you do not deal with the pain, you are likely to end up hurting someone else. Relationships end for different reasons some of which include: cheating, lying, not knowing why you are getting into the relationship or what you want out of it, realizing you want something different or realizing your purpose for your lives do not align. There are so many reasons why people break up.

But like I said breaking off a relationship is not the end of the word. It is much better to have a broken relationship or engagement than a broken marriage. So many people stay in bad and toxic relationships hoping the person would change or improve but my advice would be leave! You really do not want to gamble when it comes to who to settle down with.
I went through a terrible breakup some years back and till tomorrow I will forever be grateful to God for that failed relationship because it led me to where I needed to be. I am one who celebrates heart breaks not because I love to see people sad, but because I know if you handle it properly, you will be on your way to finding someone much better especially if you follow Gods principles.  The truth is some people are not fortunate enough to suffer the heart break while they are still dating, they get into marriage and are stuck in a bad marriage they would have avoided if maybe they had experienced a heart break. Am I saying you need to go through a heart break to have a great marriage? The answer is NO! But I am saying you appreciate a wonderful relationship more when you have been in a bad one.


1)      If deep down inside you do not have peace of mind. This may be an indication that this relationship is not for you.

2)      If you have to keep wondering if the person loves you I believe you do not have a great relationship. Love is backed up by actions, so if someone says they love you but their actions say otherwise, please stop making excuses for them. If you go ahead, you may have to manage for the rest of your life.

3)      If there is no trust you are in trouble. If you do not trust this person, there is no point proceeding with the relationship. A good relationship needs trust.

4)      If you are always moving from one quarrel to another and there is hardly peace, you are most likely in a toxic relationship.

5)      If you are with someone who is constantly telling lies, making excuses and does not keep their word this may also be an indication that your relationship is not that great. You cannot trust a liar, you cannot build with someone who is always making excuses and someone who does not respect their own word is not honorable.

6)      If you are in a relationship where you are constantly being cheated on, lied to and the culprit always promises to change but never does, you are in a bad relationship.
7)      If you are being mentally and physically attacked you are in a bad relationship.

8)      If the relationship is not bringing out the best in you and challenging you to grow, you are not in a good relationship.

9)      If the relationship separates you from your family, friends and loved ones who have invested in you, you are most likely in a bad relationship.

10)  And the last but most powerful point I would like to add is if this so called relationship creates a partition between you and God and constantly puts you in a position where you compromise and displease God you are in a very bad relationship!

I believe that at one point or the other you have been on the receiving end or even the giving end of a bad relationship.  Below are some tips on how to get through a bad relationship and how to improve on one's self after a bad relationship.  Everyone has something to learn from a bad relationship if they take some time off to evaluate things critically and stop blaming the other person for everything that went wrong.


1)      You must remind yourself that rushing into another relationship is pointless. Most times people do this just to show their ex's that they are really hot and on high demand. But the honest truth is that if you rush into a relationship without properly evaluating why the last one ended and areas of your own character you need to work on, you are most likely going to repeat your mistakes and you would be deprived of the wisdom you should get from self-reflection. You really do not have to prove anything to your ex or to the world. Take some time to heal, reflect and grow.

2)      Learn to enjoy being single again. Singleness is not a crime. Use this time to rediscover yourself and do the things you love.

3)      Do not dwell on the hurt, do not play sad music, do not go online to read sad articles, fight to temptation to vent on social media, do not stalk your ex's page, refuse to listen to those informants who take it upon themselves to remind you that your ex now has a new partner, and do not pretend not to be hurt. Denial can become fatal.

4)      Spend time with the word of God, spend time with good and supportive friends, feel the vacuum created with good and healthy habits, and do not run to someone else for comfort, it may lead to a relationship which is not a good idea because you are still not really over your last relationship.
5)      Evaluate your failed relationship; think critically on the things you could not stand from that relationship. An example is my failed engagement helped me realize I would not put up with a man who does not keep his word or tells lies, I would not put up with someone who is financially reckless, I would investigate properly by asking questions and observing closely before giving my heart etc. A lot of people think they know what they want but the truth is you never really know what you want till you know what you absolutely do not want in a relationship. So if you take out time to ponder on the things you could not stand that made you so angry in that bad relationship, it would help you look out for those red lights in a potential relationship. At this point you know the areas you cannot and would not compromise.

6)      You cannot get over an ex if you keep going back to them. Shut the door and move forward, you cannot move forward if you keep looking back to see what could have, should have or may be. Fight that voice in your head that keeps saying you should go back and just manage because good guys or girls are extinct, counter that voice by saying what if you go back and miss out on the best person God has for you? Good men and women exist and God is still in the business of show casing his own just like he did Eve. Trust me I know that good and godly men exist because I asked God for the best and he hooked me up.

7)      Do not go looking for the one. Everyone may start looking like it. So just go to God directly and follow his lead, do not make a decision by yourself and then drag God into it, follow his lead instead.

8)      Do not hang around people who will keep telling you negative stories. Contrary to popular belief, excellent relationships exist, faithful men exist, men who honor God exist and the female versions also exist.

9)      Break every negative soul tie prayerfully especially if you were sexually involved with your ex. Repent and do not go back to your sin.

10)  See yourself the way God sees you. Remind yourself that you are special and that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Fight those negative thoughts and meditate on Phillipians 4:8.

Thursday, September 14, 2017


Do not despise silent seasons.  You see just like we take tests and exams,  that's the same way God places tests and exams in our lives. And we must pass these tests and exams to move to the next level.  The higher the level,  the more challenging the tests.

While I have learnt to be a diligent student,  and have even studied on scholarship my entire life (more of God's grace than my efforts)  I have also learnt that to fulfill God's plans we must also be diligent.  You can not just keep wishing and hoping for things to happen.  The book of proverbs tells us poverty will fall the lazy ones.  To get to that level of extra ordinary,  you must be willing to put in extra.  To get to the level of outstanding,  you must be ready to stand alone sometimes.  You must be willing to do what others are not willing to do. 

In the past,  I used to detest silent seasons because it  would be as though God has just abandoned me.  But now I embrace silent seasons knowing that it will lead to the next level.  Are you willing to put in the work?  There must be diligence,  persistence,  and consistency. 

Are you going through a silent season?  Why don't you quit complaining and go to work. Remember that for every test or exam a person fails,  they will have to repeat. Put in the extra,  wake up to pray,  study your Bible,  read books,  teach Sunday school,  encourage and pray for others going through a hard time. Wake up and go to work early,  work as unto to the lord,  be diligent where you are at the moment. Stop waiting on God to give you a bigger opportunity while he is waiting to see if you have learnt to be faithful where you are. Put in the work and enjoy the benefits later. Remember quitting is not an option! Remember God is always with you even in the silent seasons. 

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Monday, October 24, 2016

ROSE OF SHARON:                         WHO ARE YOU WHEN NO ONE IS...

ROSE OF SHARON:                         WHO ARE YOU WHEN NO ONE IS...:                         WHO ARE YOU WHEN NO ONE IS WATCHING? Yesterday morning I woke up feeling super tired from driving long distances...
                        WHO ARE YOU WHEN NO ONE IS WATCHING?
Yesterday morning I woke up feeling super tired from driving long distances and spending my whole Saturday at an amazing women's conference. I did not make it for workers meeting in church which starts at 7:30am. I was ready but did not want to rush out. While taking my time something was like just stay back and rest besides you spent the whole of Saturday with God. But I remembered that I am a Sunday school teacher to the teenagers. I imagined my teacher bailing on me without notice or any explanation and I got up.
What is the reason for this story? Well many people keep asking God for a bigger platform, for a better job, for a better country, for a spouse, for wealth, man the list is endless. But God just looks down and laughs. If you cannot sacrifice sleep to tend to your responsibilities, if you are not faithful in little, If you are not faithful when no one is watching who will give you more? Why should God give you more? WHY?

I have noticed how people love God so much on social media, then I ask myself if all these people really know God and love him who are the people that are pushing corruption forward? Who are the people going late to work? Who are the people that are so impatient while driving with the church sticker behind their Vehicles?
I went to church and the other teacher was there but that was not the point. The point is that, taking up my responsibility in my little pariah is forcing me to grow. I do not want to be recorded absent when God looks down. If I will not miss a lecture, then I will not make excuses when it comes to my responsibilities to God.

Today I am not here to judge you. I just want to ask you are you faithful with the little God has entrusted to you? What fruits are you bearing? What type of father are you? What will your wife say about you? What will your children say about you? What type of wife, son, daughter, friend, leader and follower are you? What does God say about you? You can deceive the whole world, you can even deceive yourself, but you cannot deceive God. He who is faithful in little will be given more. If God was to say something about you and the people closest to you were to be honest about who you truly are, what would they say? I know people who are just pretending on social media. I used to do it a little in the past. But I realized that what you want to show people is not as important as who you truly are.

Can God count on you? Can your family count on you? Can your country count on you? Can your friends count on you? Go look in the mirror and ask yourself if the person looking back is the best version of you? If the answer is no make changes. Take your responsibilities seriously. You cannot get the reward without the responsibility. You cannot take the prize without running the race. Get up and do the right thing everyday and everywhere. Have an amazing week.