Tuesday, July 8, 2014

                           HEAVEN GAINED AN ANGEL TODAY!!
This is going to be one of the most painful and difficult pieces to write because heaven gained an angel today. Sharon praise arowolo. It is so difficult to write about someone who means the world to you in past tense because they are no longer here with us. But our consolation is we know she is with the lord and the angels smiling down on us as she always did while she was here.
    My sister, my mentor, and my friend has joined the angels. She loved like Jesus did, was diligent in all she did, from her studies to her responsibilities. A lot of tears but I have to remind myself that she belonged to Jesus before he sent her down to be a blessing to our family. And he has decided to call her home to glory and eternal rest. I am proud and priviledged to have been a part of her journey because in the end, we are all passers by. This is not our destination but a temporary home. I have so many blessed and precious memories of her, but what I loved most about her was she always looked like jesus in all she did.
     Wipe away your tears because sharon won in the end. She is free from pain, from sickness, from sleepless nights, and from sorrow. Her spirit is alive in the lord and she is singing with the angels. I know exactly what she would want me to say on such a day as this. And that would be to remind us that in the short time we will be on earth, we must live our lives to please and glorify God, love and forgive. I don't want to accept it, but in the end we have to trust Gods plan. Sharon is and will always be in our hearts, our prayers, and our minds. She lives on through all the lives God allowed her to affect during her stay here on earth.
       Sharon praise bolafetioluwa Arowolo. You will be missed. And till we meet to part no more. We love you dearly and thank you for being a blessing and an angel through out your stay with us. You fought your battle with grace and constant faith. You loved God through it all and never complained. We say welldone. You showed us all a good way to live. We thank God for the gift of you. This is not goodbye. It's till we meet again at Jesus feet. I love you.


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  3. We love u and will alway will. .. All is well

  4. Hi dear! I really understand how it feels to lose one's beloved...I've lost someone who's so dear to me;I almost gave up the ghost as a result because the bond was so strong.Thank God I didn't.Adieu Sharon praise arowolo!!! You might need to make your blog more attractive,just suggesting anyway.You can always draw some ideas on how to do that here: http://hubtain.blogspot.com/

    1. thanks so much i am really not a computer guru but il check the site out and look for a way to make this site more apealing thanks :)