Saturday, April 27, 2013

                                MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL.
The phrase mirror mirror on the wall, is gotten from the cartoon snow white, as we all know.  The truth about the mirror is, most people need the mirror to reflect what their image look like. To see if you are beautiful or if you look ramshackle. So I guess we all need a mirror from time to time.
Now the mirror on the wall, in your purse, hand bag, car, or where ever can only reflect your outward image. Now the inner mirror is what most people have no idea about. Most people do not pay attention to the image inside. The truth is, what you have on the inside always has a way of finding its way out.
And I strongly believe that, the inner image reflects what you would eventually see on the mirror. There are so many examples I could sight, but here are a few. A young lady who feels she is not beautiful enough, it starts from the inside. That is what she thinks so it’s a thought, and then she stays away from pictures or hanging around beautiful girls. This girl has insecurities on the inside, but it comfortably finds its way out and dictates how she acts. Another example would be a man who probably has little money, and really loves a girl who is wealthy. He feels from the inside that he is not good enough for this girl. So when he tries to talk to her that just automatically reflects in his composure and action. I could go on and on with many more examples but here is what to do.

Instead of spending so much time on the outward mirror that reflects your outward image, spend a lot of time with your inner man. Yes that’s what I call him. The inner man needs a lot of work. Sometimes I stand in front of the mirror and tell my inner man, you are beautiful, you have to keep going, you have a lot to offer to the world, you deserve the best. And when the inner man believes all of this, the man on the outside immediately reflects this, and everyone else buys it and respects it.
If you think you are not good enough, beautiful enough, it would reflect and that is what everyone would accept, because it is what you reflect. If you have so much anger and hate on the inside, that is what you would reflect. I believe every life is a reflection of what they have on the inside which eventually projects itself. The question is what do you have inside of you? Is it hatred, jealousy, pride, lust, or love, happiness, compassion?  Be careful with what you let in, and what you accommodate inside, because it would always project and reflect on the outside. Your life is a mirror that reflects the image on the inside and projects it out.  Forget about the mirror on the wall once in a while, and deal with your inner man, that way, when you look into the mirror on the wall, you will like what you see!!  We all have fears and insecurities, but your insecurities and fear is not who you are! Discover and uncover the inner man inside of you, he is stronger than you think!
Have a lovely weekend friends J

                                      HEAVY BAGGAGE FROM THE PAST!!
The bible says in 1 Corinthians 10; 13 that God will not place on you more than you can bear. In order words, everything you go through, you are well equipped to come out of it, if you are in line with God.  But the very painful thing about we humans unfortunately is, we take up some personal burdens and baggage’s that God has not placed on us and just go through life suffering in pain and distress. Yes I said it; we take on extra luggage’s of problems, pain, sorrow, anger, strife, malice, jealousy,  envy, hatred, and the list goes on. We keep carrying these heavy loads from the past to present. And for some people into the future if care is not taken.
Now imagine you are going on a very long journey, which is stressful enough on its own, and a very hefty man offers to carry all your luggage’s for you to make the journey comfortable and bearable, but you sternly insist on carrying all the heavy boxes yourself.  Refusing the help would not just slow you down; you will be exhausted and frustrated when you realize the difficulty in carrying these boxes yourself without the help of that man.

This reminds me of high school. I’m sure those of you reading this who attended Gray’s International College Kaduna, would remember the villagers who were always willing to carry your very heavy boxes stuffed with provisions to the front of your hostel, if you were willing to give them 10 -50 Naira then. And there were times I decided to drag my box myself, and it would be so tiring, or id call on a few friends to help to make it easier.  This applies to our relationship with God. He wants to make the burden so light and the journey worthwhile. He says give me the boxes, I am more than capable to carry them, in fact I have paid those boys to carry the boxes for you. I paid with the highest currency so you will not have to pay or carry these boxes alone. But many people are still chief box carriers.
Some people have boxes they have been carrying from the past. They refuse to activate the help God has given freely to all of mankind. You see the most common box we carry is called unforgiveness. A lot of people carry this very heavy box for ages, their backs are sore and wounded from the weight. But they cannot just imagine or find a good reason why they should put the box down. The box contains anger, hatred, revenge, regrets, sorrow and pains.  Prize you say it like forgiveness is easy, well I think it’s a lot easier than carrying such a heavy box of unforgiveness for days, months and even years.  It may be painful getting the box to the floor, but you would breathe a sigh of relief once it’s off your shoulders.
Do you know what he did to us? Do you know how he/she hurt me? Do you know I trusted him/her? I would have never done this to them. He abandoned us, or they do not deserve to be forgiven. Some even say “I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU”, “I WILL NEVER FORGET”, “I WILL NEVER LET THIS GO”. And it’s so amazing and shocking to me. Because although God is willing to forgive us and take the heavy load, he says the price you must pay is to forgive as I have forgiven you. I will forgive you as you forgive others. So many people would be shocked on the last day. They would claim they forgave. God would reply well yes you claimed to. But the Lord’s Prayer you always recited right from childhood stated. “FORGIVE US OUR TRESPASSES, AS WE FORGIVE THOSE WHO TRESPASS AGAINST US”. Then he will say to mister A, you forgave but never forgot, so I never forgot your own sin, because you refused to forgive completely.  He would say to mister B, you plainly refused to forgive and let it go, so I could not forgive you as well even though I really wanted to.

Many of us have so many boxes we have carried from the past that is hindering us presently and would hinder the future. Why not give up these boxes, refuse the chains of anger, malice and unforgiveness, and be free from it with the power of God. Like  1 Corinthians 10; 13 says, he has allowed that situation because he knows you are well able and capable of forgiving and letting it go. Are you willing to let it go? Forgive even when they have refused to see their fault or apologize. Forgive even if it hurts. You cannot afford to keep carrying heavy boxes at the expense of your life! LEAVE ALL THE BAGGAGE'S IN THE PAST! WITH THE HELP OF GOD, YOU WILL BE FREE FROM THAT BURDEN IN JESUS NAME!!

Monday, April 22, 2013


 Nowadays the idea of gallantry is considered outdated and boring. The thought of opening doors, carrying heavy stuff, looking, speaking and behaving in a decent manner has become more of a personal choice than a mandate .It is considered more of ancient tradition or a romantic notion than a necessity in modern culture.
The proof to my conclusion begins with the fact that over 60% of men or women reading this had no idea what the word meant before today.To be gallant means to show special care and respect toward women. It is also defined as the display of dignity or nobility. The word gallant describes the ideal, authentic Man.

I spent most of my childhood in Botswana, where tradition expects you to greet and be ready to help any elderly person you meet on the street, be it a relative, a mere acquaintance or a complete stranger but how many of us do that today? How many men are ready and willing to be a blessing to a younger lady without seeking "rewards" or "benefits" in return? How many young men look at the peers as their own sisters? How many men can honestly say that their wife is the sole receiver of their intimate and passionate looks?

The truth is we have very few gallant men left and in my opinion, the reason is not that it's out of style, but rather an uphill challenge, that few men are willing to accept. I believe that every rise or fall begins with one step, followed by another step and so on, eventually leading to one’s prosperity or demise. For many men these days, it all begins with a look. A simple glance that society has lead us to believe is of no consequence, has reduced many men to loaves of bread. Recently, I began to feel otherwise and no it wasn't because of the 'slow fade ' track by casting crowns. I got engaged not too long ago but even before then, I'd fill up with rage whenever I caught a man gazing or staring my fiance up and down, not to talk of how overprotective I am of my fourteen year old sister as i'm sure most of us are or would be. So why should you gaze upon women? Doesn't that make you look silly or sophomoric? You are not an animal, you are a man! How about having some dignity and respect and learning to bounce your eyes away?
How about learning to acknowledge the fact that you are married or in a serious commitment whenever you meet someone new? What happened to opening the door, carrying her bags and standing up to greet her? A gallant man can never lay his hands on a woman, use crass language or speak in harsh tones. In the bible, Jesus equates looking "just looking" to adultery. This is a harsh reality in our society today as you cannot go anywhere without being exposed to cleavage and other body parts. I understand that this may seem next to impossible, and well above the norm of modern society, however it is an attainable goal and a worthy challenge. Question is, Will you accept the challenge? 
                                                                                  BY MWEUSHI ALLAM MPHANDE.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Many times in life, we find ourselves worrying about things that should not matter, things not worth our time, energy and attention. We get distracted by what is going on in someone else's life. Why do people talk bad about me? Why don't they like me? Why is she dating that guy? Have you heard he is gay? She is pregnant, and generally the opinion of others. Worrying is now a way of life for many people. Holding many down in its clutches and chains, it becomes almost impossible to move forward or think ahead.

It’s obvious that in our present time, a lot of people spend more time worrying about something that they do close to nothing about making it better. People worry about what to wear, how they look, the government, the educational system, the way the church is; they talk about it, complain about it, but hardly are willing to put in work to change it. There is something I would like to refer to as the worst type of worry. Cause weather you believe it or not, worrying is now a normal thing to a lot of people. The worst type of worry or worriers, are those who leave their own personal worries and take on other people’s problems, just to feel good about themselves. That man cheats on his wife, while their own husband hardly comes home or speaks to them. Or did you hear? Mrs. A's son has gotten someone pregnant. They delight in the worries and problems of other people, because it is a temporary escape from theirs/ 

Another very terrible thing about worry is, it's always focused on the negative. Will I pass these exams? All my friends are married. When will God bless me with children? Why is my case always different? Worrying takes you farther away from the solution than you were. It keeps you very busy and occupied with nothing to show for all the time spent on it. 

Another aspect of worry is, those who are scared to pursue a dream or goal, because they are worried about what people would think, worried about how to start, instead of just going ahead to start, worried about what others would say, worried about if it would be a success or failure. After all of this worrying, the dream dies. There are also those who keep sowing seeds of worry in others. Sometimes some people don't even know they plant seeds of doubt and worry in others. Because worrying is their daily routine. So when you ask for their advice or opinion, they just easily and naturally sow doubt and worry into your heart. Someone once said to me, prize you have so much potential and so many wonderful ideas, but I’ve noticed that when you say you are going to do something, by the next day or the next week, you stop talking about it. You start talking about something else. And when I prayed and taught about it, I realized how worrying has killed so many dreams of mine, and is still killing many people’s dreams and goals. People are always worried that this is not the perfect time. Worry would show you the impossibilities, worry discourages, and worry keeps you stationed on a spot. Worry makes others your primary focus, it makes negative opinions your focus, and the truth is you cannot be focused on two things at the same time. Focusing on others or problems, takes the focus off you.

Another very common one is, worrying for tomorrow; some people even fast forward their worries, while they have not even exhausted the worries of today. Matthew 6; 34 says do not worry about tomorrow. Matthew 6; 25-34 reminds us not to worry about what to eat wear etc. I am not saying don't make plans, I am just saying, DO NOT WORRY!! WORK! DO NOT LET YOUR WORRIES KEEP YOU DOWN, WORK YOUR WAY TO WHERE YOU KNOW GOD WANTS YOU TO BE!! THE SKY IS YOUR STEPPING STONE! Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Lately its so so so confusing to know what the right thing to do is in such a world where everything that should be wrong is now the new normal. Its so challenging to stay focused. But with the help of God it is possible. If you fall get back up again. This post is for my lady friends out there. You know most of us get carried away with the foolishness of the world. The latest fashion, lipstick, shoes, what is in vogue and all what not, we hardly and barely know what our purpose here on earth is. We listen to men who do not have the fear of God in their hearts because we are convinced that its better to listen to them cause the ones who claim to have the fear of God in their hearts are not different. So the question now is who should you listen to? Who should you please in the way you act and conduct yourself? Iv heard guys say, i like it when a lady shows her cleavage. At least to make her package look nice. And i'm like wow so its probably what drives some ladies to do it. Other's do this because they see all the other ladies doing it, and because it is what is in vogue.

There is also the feeling of wanting to look "HOT" and "SEXY". A lady thinks if i don't dress in this manner how will they know i'm "HOT"? And you see a lot of girls killing themselves in the gym trying to get the right shape, just so they can be called sexy. Not even working out just to be healthy and fit. No its all about getting the perfect look and shape.

We wear all this make up because we don't think we are "SEXY" enough. The word beautiful has been traded for "SEXY" "HOT" "THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE" and all those other stuff.

As a young lady, i ask myself, WHAT WOULD THE WORLD BE LIKE WHEN MY CHILD IS BORN? If people wear close to nothing now, maybe nakedness would be the fashion in vogue then.

Sometimes, i wish God can just come so all this madness would end. Cause its so hard living in a world where modesty is not important, where guys want girls to be bad girls. In fact gone are the days when keeping yourself pure is a thing of pride. Now its distasteful to a lot of young men.

Everybody wants to be beyonce and jayz. If the men you hang around take you away from becoming the woman God wants you to be, stay away from them. If your beauty is solely about what you wear and how people look at you, you really don't know why God made you a woman. Those boobs you expose just to be hot, is part of Gods gift to you, its a wonderful package to help differentiate between you and a man, and its also a gift to your child or children. It is not to be shown to everyone who cares to see. Your body is God's best architectural structure. He created everything, put adam to sleep, just to make the perfect structure . Adam confirmed it when he woke up. That was the best thing he had seen. We have a very shallow understanding of why we are women. In the past it would be a great complement if someone says you are very hot. Now if someone says that to me, that dress is going down to room wear only. If the men don't know how much God loves Holiness, we need to remind them.

Cherish the man who would tell you to go in and change into something modest not because of his selfish, and manipulating attitude. But because he fears God and knows that you are beautiful without all that foolishness. You can look really good and still be modest. Its about balance and caring enough about the men who see you in that outfit and not wanting them to end up in lustful thoughts just because you were careless, or even intentionally wanted the attention.

Are you confused lately? Do you feel like you are not strong enough to overcome the temptations of this world? And you are ready to give in, please don't. Its very hard to be the one saying i'l stick to what is right. Especially when everyone is just waiting for you to fall back. Even if you fall, get up again. Your mistakes, and ignorance cannot define who you are. I believe there is more God has deposited in a woman that goes beyond sexuality and sensuality. And the best way to know and discover what these things are is to walk with God. Let him mold you and change you. And to the men out there who still have the fear of God, be bold enough to tell a lady politely to dress up well. Don't keep quiet and lust after her in your thoughts. And don't go condemning her behind her back. Tell her to help you by dressing modestly. Because its hard to concentrate with all her boobs flashing you in the face and her very pretty legs and extra tight skirt. Not to add the latest transparent shirts. Appreciate the people who are bold enough to tell you to dress well politely. Don't go trying to force people. Do it with and in love. Have a great weekend everyone!!