Thursday, November 6, 2014

                    GOD BRINGS PURPOSE OUT OF PAIN!!!

          I had a couple of rough times last year and the first half of this year. My family had to go through the painful ordeal of watching our sister Sharon, battle cancer for four years straight. During this period my faith in God wavered. I could not understand how a God who they say is loving will let such a kind hearted girl go through that type of pain. And the most frustrating part is there was nothing we could do to take it away. We prayed, fasted, and spent a lot of money on treatments but it just kept getting worse. It was so difficult to have fun with friends or fully concentrate in school when I knew my sister was in pain fighting every day for dear life. 

          I was so down and this very strong depression came over me. I refused to go to school for my exams, I could not go to church either. I was so angry with God. We were born and raised in a pastors home, and all our lives, we have tried to please God. Yet he keeps letting us go through the fire. So I resolved in my heart that I was done with this whole God thing. I decided to go home for summer in order to help my mum get a little rest while I take care of my sister. To my greatest surprise, her faith in God did not waver. She was still strong and fervent in the lord. And that was when God began to work on my heart again. I did not believe in miracles anymore and I told Sharon that. She replied by letting me know all is well. And when I said a prayer that night, I was reminded that waking up every day is a miracle. Being able to do little things like eat, drink, use the toilet without pain is a gift and a miracle. Sharon's faith in God woke me up and reminded me to trust God in good and in bad times. 

        I returned to school better and stronger in the lord. And in July I received a call from my dad. My friend and I were listening to him on speaker phone. He said a prayer and from the way he prayed I could tell my sister had gone to be with the lord. He eventually broke the news to me, and for hours I could not cry it felt unreal. I thought I was prepared for this but nothing ever prepares you to lose a loved one. I eventually cried and could not stop crying. It was one of the most painful things I have experienced in my life. But it was also the period when God began to clean me up and help me up again. It was such a painful process losing my sister and a lot of other things I cherished all at the same time. And all I could hear from God was trust me. He would lead me to scriptures each day that would give me comfort, and I would share them with my family members and friends on Facebook. 

       Finally I began to learn how to smile again, but God was not done. I felt like God was testing me and making me give up things for his sake that I wanted to keep. But truly when God wants to give you a fresh start, he has to clear out all the cluster and pain from your heart. He has to take you through the fire to prepare you for the task ahead. I spoke about my sister because we both had a dream when we were kids to point girls and women to God with all the gifts he had given us. And finally God has given me a platform. I emerged the winner of the just concluded Miss Nigeria in Russia beauty pageant and I know God was totally behind me. He gave me so much favor, touched the hearts of my friends to help me in ways I can't even repay them. He even made strangers support me. It has been a huge blessing so far and I feel humbled. Why did I narrate this long story someone may ask? Well the reason is this. I know someone is out there who feels like God has shut the door on you, and everything is just going wrong. But the truth is God is with you in all of it. He never leaves nor forsakes his own. Keep trusting the lord and let God know that you love him and will always have faith in his plan even when you don't understand it. Someone once said «A bad day does not really mean a bad week, a bad week does not really mean a bad month, a bad month does not really mean a bad year, and a bad year does not really mean a bad life». So keep holding on to God and do not give up on yourself and your dream. God will bring it to pass.  Sometimes God brings your purpose out from your pain!! 


  1. this is inspiring! God always has d final say. He knows best.