Wednesday, May 8, 2013

                 A WOMAN'S DREAM MAN!

For those of you who have been following the posts on this blog, I am sure you have come to terms with who a gallant man is. A post written by Mweushi Allam Mphande that left a lot of us women happy.  Now that we know who a gallant man is, I know I am not wrong or telling lies when I say, for so many women a gallant man only exists in their dreams or on paper. Lol funny but very true. If you haven't read gallant man, kindly do so before you read this. 
  Recently, I was talking to a friend, and I asked her why she is not paying attention to any admirer, and she said the most fascinating thing. She said prize I pay attention to little details. For example, can you imagine that I walked with a certain guy (I won’t mention his name) from the gate to my destination, and he could not even offer to help me carry what I was holding. She also went on to explain why she does not like to wear short clothing, or tight things, because some guys look at her lustfully. Some even lust while she is properly dressed. And then she rounded off by saying, I don’t want a stingy, uncaring and insensitive man. I know a lot of ladies who feel the same way. Now this issue of being a gallant man may not appeal to you as a man, because somewhere along the line, a mother forgot to teach her son how to treat ladies, forgot to teach her son how to treat his sisters, and so on.  Or maybe you just do not realize how important it is to the female gender to be treated as a lady/woman.

Now guys pay attention because I am about to break it down for you. Here is what I think a lot of women tag as their dream man.
1)     Most women like to start off with, “I want a God fearing man”.  If I try to explain who a God fearing man is, I might start a sermon, so I would just go ahead and assume it is self-explanatory. If it is not, I would be more than happy to explain it to you.
2)     Most women want a man who is not selfish or stingy. Now men I know some of you have encountered some selfish and materialistic women out there, who only care about what you have in your bank accounts. But I am talking about a God fearing authentic woman here who does not place so much value on money. She is okay if you have little, she knows if she keeps praying God will bless the works of your hands. So don’t be stingy or selfish. Now here is the reason why.  A woman knowingly or unknowingly will treat you  the way you treat her, because she is like an incubator. Whatever she takes in, she incubates it, multiplies it, and gives it back to you. So I am sure you understand me. J
3)      Most women want a faithful man. I really do not need to sound a trumpet to explain this point. A man who can respect her enough to end things with her, before going to cheat. Or a man who knows what he has, and makes a conscious deliberate effort to work with it no matter what. A man who knows that the grass is never greener on the other side, but where you water it.

Now I listed 3 points because you will find these 3 in every woman’s dream man list. The remaining points may vary for different women.  I also love a man with a goal and a plan.  So here is the deal guys, we can talk about how you need to be a gallant man from today till next year. But on your own, and with your own strength, you will keep failing. You need God to help you maintain your gallantry status. So get closer to the one who created you, because he has the manual and knows how you should function.  And also cultivate the habit, and in no time, it would become part of you. Just start somewhere. To all the gallant men out there, we sincerely love you! <3 signed women. Who knows after reading this, you might just become someone’s dream man!


  1. I think this is my favorite, men dont know that women notice so many things. Some may not like it but tell 'em Prize! ))

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    1. thanks and God bless for reading :)

  3. dis is really a nice 1, i've bn following ur post bt i've nt bn able 2 comment. I had 2 open a goggle acct just 2 comment on ur post. Ur write up's ar really inspiring. More greese to ur elbow. Kip d good job up. Am i premitted 2 share sme of ur post on facebk?

  4. yes you are very permitted to share. thanks for opening an account :) and all the glory goes to God that you are able to enjoy these posts. :)