Sunday, May 26, 2013


                                        ONE LEG IN, ONE LEG OUT!!

       Hi friends hope you are all doing well and having a great time. I am very sure you are wondering what prize is talking about again. Well one leg in, and one leg out is very self-explanatory. It simply means half commitment in whatever you are doing. 
       A lot of people are the one leg in and one leg out type. Not just in a relationship scenario, but in many other things. Examples include our relationship with God. Dedication to a particular project, work, business,  and even school. I think this varies for different individuals. So many people prefer the easy way out i.e. the short cut. They prefer to have one leg in and one leg out. Half commitment to God, to their relationships etc. because they are not sure of what the future holds. It is almost impossible for people to build friendships that will stand the test of time today because; people are ONE LEG IN, AND ONE LEG OUT! No one is willing to take a chance. And frankly a lot of people have many wonderful reasons why they choose to stick just one leg in and leave the other outside. 
      So many young people are confused today about a lot of things. Should I say yes? What if I am making the wrong choice and this turns out to be a mistake. Should I even be studying medicine? Is he right for me? Is she right for me? And being confused is not really what God wants for anyone. Most people cannot take a proper step or make a proper decision because they fear the unknown. It is just safe to have one leg in. Unfortunately for our generation, we have a lot of media and so many things to keep people confused and busy doing nothing. So many people have resorted to remain this way because they have not searched deep enough to realize that there is a way out. The only thing is, nothing good comes easy. You have to work. 
        I used to be confused about a lot of things till I realized how to pray and develop a personal relationship with God. I was always one leg in, and one leg out in so many things. It was safer that way. But the moment I realized that if God is the foundation of anything, it would never crumble. If my eyes are set on him just like peter, I would never sink. If my eyes drift away, I refocus my eyes and set them on him again and again. A lot of people know about God, who he is and what he can do, but they have no personal relationship with him. For example, the chemistry book "Ababio", a lot of people know about this book, they use the formulas in it and they get good grades. They know the author of the book, but most of them do not know him personally, or have a close relationship with him. They do not know his likes or dislikes. This is the same thing that happens with so many youths and adults out there today. You know God, but have no close personal relationship with him. So they do not even recognize his voice and cannot listen for direction. So the safest bet is one leg in, and one leg out. You use his principles and formula's, but you cannot talk to him as a friend, a lover, a brother, a sister, etc. Some people talk to everyone about their situation, confusions, dreams, aspirations, plans and everything. But never talk to God about any of it. They get into businesses, relationships and all sorts of things without letting God know about it or giving him room to build with them. But the minute it goes wrong, they begin to pray and use his principles. Whereas you would have made the right decision if you had just taken a few minutes to talk to God and listen for a reply or watch. But how can you listen to God when you are one leg in and one out with him as well? You are not patient enough to hear what he is saying. Jeremiah 29:11 says my thoughts in order words "my plans" for you are of peace and not evil. So the best person to trust to be all in with is God, who will in turn direct you to who and where you have a good future. And tell you how to lay a solid foundation. Psalm 127;1.Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it. Except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain. Proverbs 3;5 says trust in the lord with "ALL" your heart, "LEAN NOT ON YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING" , in all your ways "SUBMIT TO HIM", and He will make your path "STRAIGHT".
        I am not telling you to jump in with your two legs just like that. I am saying always seek direction before you do.  Make a decision today not to remain at the spot of one leg in one leg out. A relationship with God guarantees direction, understanding, bright future and a straight path. Are you ready to work with God? Are you ready to walk with God? Are you ready to trust him enough and obey?
 Have a lovely week ahead! :)


  1. this post is 4 me, i pray God gives me d strength 2 be steadfast nd committed to him. Prize, may God cont 2 increase u. God bless u

  2. Thanks anne. God bless you and increase you also!! :)