Thursday, May 16, 2013


                                        EXCUSES EXCUSES EXCUSES!!!

        It is common knowledge that people try to use excuses to get out of trouble or a difficult situation. This is something that goes back in time to when Adam and Eve fell. No one wanted to take responsibility and just own up. The "BLAME GAME" like I’d like to call it began. So if you are into making excuses, well I am very sure you know you are not the first and probably will not be the last. People love excuses. E.g. I cheated on my wife or left her because she was this and that. It’s so easy to play the blame game and make up excuses for irresponsibility. I did not do so well because the teacher was bad. These are all excuses.
        Normally, I would rather not give personal experiences here so I don't make people feel like she is telling us about herself and all of that. But in this case I would love to give an illustration or example. I have always been the type to get myself out of any mess. I give myself an A+ for that. It does not matter who I implicate or blame for my misbehavior as long as I get myself out of the mess. That was who I was then. Something interesting happened last week. I did something that upset my fiance and instead of just saying am sorry, I wanted to play my normal trick "EXCUSES" OR THE "BABY SELF PITY PARTY", and he said don't even try it. I know you well enough now and I know that trick. So here I was feeling like no hiding place for you prize. I guess this issue has to be confronted and not avoided. And like two mature human beings, we were able to get to a reasonable conclusion and it felt so good. And I kept wondering why I even tried to make excuses in the first place. Funny thing is I love people being real with me and not making excuses. But I also make excuses once in a while.
         I did not tell you that story to bore you or just tell you about my life. I just want to shed some light on what making excuses can result in. Making excuses makes you look irresponsible, in the sense that you know very well if you will be honest with yourself, that you have done something wrong, and instead of just taking responsibility, owning up and apologize, you come up with a flimsy excuse. Another thing is your excuses can only buy you little time. Because you got away with it the first time, does not mean you will get away with it again. While if you own up, it helps you deal with the issue on ground properly so you do not repeat it again. And another thing is if you keep making excuses, you will lose out on a lot of beautiful things. How you may ask? Well I love to equate making excuses with being irresponsible. And being irresponsible can only end badly. And God really despises excuses. Adam and Eve, king Soul, and Moses are just a few people who God had to deal with because after they disobeyed, they were not bold enough to just say I'm sorry. They made up excuses. And like I said making excuses is very irresponsible and heart breaking. Because after doing something wrong or hurting someone, the list you can do is try to be responsible and just own up and fix things. Don't make excuses. Imagine how you would feel if God said, i did not answer your prayer because I was too busy in heaven attending to more important issues, or a friend says I forgot It was so important to you more than once. Or I cheated on you because you were acting distant and nagging.  Excuses never solve anything. It may solve things temporarily, but eventually you will be faced with the issue again.
          When you choose to be responsible, you choose to stop making excuses. Because making excuses, can no longer be an option. But irresponsibility always knows that it has excuses to save the day. Stop looking for someone to blame for your bad behavior's and mistakes. Be responsible not just to God, but to those around you who love you. Excuses HURT. BE RESPONSIBLE. There would always be a million excuses, but it takes courage to say I am sorry and work towards getting it right the next time. MAKE UP YOUR MIND TODAY! EXCUSES SHOULD NOT BE AN OPTION HENCE FORTH!!


  1. there is always a lesson to be learnt on your blog, well done!

  2. God bless you dear. And all the glory to God as usual. loads of love!! :)