Saturday, April 20, 2013


Many times in life, we find ourselves worrying about things that should not matter, things not worth our time, energy and attention. We get distracted by what is going on in someone else's life. Why do people talk bad about me? Why don't they like me? Why is she dating that guy? Have you heard he is gay? She is pregnant, and generally the opinion of others. Worrying is now a way of life for many people. Holding many down in its clutches and chains, it becomes almost impossible to move forward or think ahead.

It’s obvious that in our present time, a lot of people spend more time worrying about something that they do close to nothing about making it better. People worry about what to wear, how they look, the government, the educational system, the way the church is; they talk about it, complain about it, but hardly are willing to put in work to change it. There is something I would like to refer to as the worst type of worry. Cause weather you believe it or not, worrying is now a normal thing to a lot of people. The worst type of worry or worriers, are those who leave their own personal worries and take on other people’s problems, just to feel good about themselves. That man cheats on his wife, while their own husband hardly comes home or speaks to them. Or did you hear? Mrs. A's son has gotten someone pregnant. They delight in the worries and problems of other people, because it is a temporary escape from theirs/ 

Another very terrible thing about worry is, it's always focused on the negative. Will I pass these exams? All my friends are married. When will God bless me with children? Why is my case always different? Worrying takes you farther away from the solution than you were. It keeps you very busy and occupied with nothing to show for all the time spent on it. 

Another aspect of worry is, those who are scared to pursue a dream or goal, because they are worried about what people would think, worried about how to start, instead of just going ahead to start, worried about what others would say, worried about if it would be a success or failure. After all of this worrying, the dream dies. There are also those who keep sowing seeds of worry in others. Sometimes some people don't even know they plant seeds of doubt and worry in others. Because worrying is their daily routine. So when you ask for their advice or opinion, they just easily and naturally sow doubt and worry into your heart. Someone once said to me, prize you have so much potential and so many wonderful ideas, but I’ve noticed that when you say you are going to do something, by the next day or the next week, you stop talking about it. You start talking about something else. And when I prayed and taught about it, I realized how worrying has killed so many dreams of mine, and is still killing many people’s dreams and goals. People are always worried that this is not the perfect time. Worry would show you the impossibilities, worry discourages, and worry keeps you stationed on a spot. Worry makes others your primary focus, it makes negative opinions your focus, and the truth is you cannot be focused on two things at the same time. Focusing on others or problems, takes the focus off you.

Another very common one is, worrying for tomorrow; some people even fast forward their worries, while they have not even exhausted the worries of today. Matthew 6; 34 says do not worry about tomorrow. Matthew 6; 25-34 reminds us not to worry about what to eat wear etc. I am not saying don't make plans, I am just saying, DO NOT WORRY!! WORK! DO NOT LET YOUR WORRIES KEEP YOU DOWN, WORK YOUR WAY TO WHERE YOU KNOW GOD WANTS YOU TO BE!! THE SKY IS YOUR STEPPING STONE! Have a lovely weekend everyone!