Monday, April 22, 2013


 Nowadays the idea of gallantry is considered outdated and boring. The thought of opening doors, carrying heavy stuff, looking, speaking and behaving in a decent manner has become more of a personal choice than a mandate .It is considered more of ancient tradition or a romantic notion than a necessity in modern culture.
The proof to my conclusion begins with the fact that over 60% of men or women reading this had no idea what the word meant before today.To be gallant means to show special care and respect toward women. It is also defined as the display of dignity or nobility. The word gallant describes the ideal, authentic Man.

I spent most of my childhood in Botswana, where tradition expects you to greet and be ready to help any elderly person you meet on the street, be it a relative, a mere acquaintance or a complete stranger but how many of us do that today? How many men are ready and willing to be a blessing to a younger lady without seeking "rewards" or "benefits" in return? How many young men look at the peers as their own sisters? How many men can honestly say that their wife is the sole receiver of their intimate and passionate looks?

The truth is we have very few gallant men left and in my opinion, the reason is not that it's out of style, but rather an uphill challenge, that few men are willing to accept. I believe that every rise or fall begins with one step, followed by another step and so on, eventually leading to one’s prosperity or demise. For many men these days, it all begins with a look. A simple glance that society has lead us to believe is of no consequence, has reduced many men to loaves of bread. Recently, I began to feel otherwise and no it wasn't because of the 'slow fade ' track by casting crowns. I got engaged not too long ago but even before then, I'd fill up with rage whenever I caught a man gazing or staring my fiance up and down, not to talk of how overprotective I am of my fourteen year old sister as i'm sure most of us are or would be. So why should you gaze upon women? Doesn't that make you look silly or sophomoric? You are not an animal, you are a man! How about having some dignity and respect and learning to bounce your eyes away?
How about learning to acknowledge the fact that you are married or in a serious commitment whenever you meet someone new? What happened to opening the door, carrying her bags and standing up to greet her? A gallant man can never lay his hands on a woman, use crass language or speak in harsh tones. In the bible, Jesus equates looking "just looking" to adultery. This is a harsh reality in our society today as you cannot go anywhere without being exposed to cleavage and other body parts. I understand that this may seem next to impossible, and well above the norm of modern society, however it is an attainable goal and a worthy challenge. Question is, Will you accept the challenge? 
                                                                                  BY MWEUSHI ALLAM MPHANDE.


  1. The 'ancient' path is the right way to go!Great thoughts!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Keep sharing!:-)

  2. Tnx for this. Men of my generation need more of this!

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  4. This is splendid...VERY splendid I should say! Thumbs up to the writer