Tuesday, August 6, 2013

       Today so many people want ready made success, ready made relationships, ready made friendships, they want everything ready made that they can lay their hands on. Well while a hand few may get lucky, most people don't. Some people waste so much time waiting, when they should be building. And some others spend the time wishing they would get that ready made thing instead of working hard to make that wish a reality.
     Nothing good comes easy is a very popular quote a lot of people are familiar with. But to so many, it is just a saying. The message behind it hardly ever hits home. While some people love to seat back and wish for everything they want or even cheat their way to get there, some very reasonable few have decided to work now so they can smile latter. Every one wants to seat at the table, but not everyone is willing to work hard and tirelessly to get there. To be lazy and just seat around wishing is so easy, and most likely than not many people prefer to take the easy way out or even look for a short cut. Growing up I remember my mum always telling me "short cuts will cut you short". So whatever you find yourself doing, do it to the best of your ability.
      While most people are comfortable watching movies, surfing the net and just whiling away precious time, some people are working hard trying to bring something relevant to the table thereby making reasonable contributions to their society or the little communites they find themselves in. chatting, pinging, sleeping, gossiping, e.t.c. will never get you to any relevant position. But hard work will.
      The truth is hard work takes a lot of discipline. And the human body always wants to just relax and be lazy so it takes a lot of discipline to do the right thing at the right time. The mind always wants to tell you to procrastinate but it takes a lot of self discipline to say I will work hard now and enjoy latter. If you spend your youthful years playing and relaxing, you will end up having to work hard when you should be resting. Hard work really does not kill. One thing I have realized in life is, people always respect and want to be associated with someone who has something to bring to the table. They tend to forget you or look down on you when all you do is practically nothing, or nothing that counts for anything.
      The time to act is now, the time to work hard is now. Tomorrow is a day short of what you would have achieved today. So wake up from your slumber and work hard now. In winter I always wish so hard that someone would just dash me a car and end my misery of having to stand in the cold waiting on the bus. But I still take the bus. That just goes to show that wishing so hard for something hardly ever delivers that thing to you. But working hard does. The best results can only be achieved through actions and not through wishing. So stop wishing your time away and act now!! My friends grandma used to tell my younger sister and I " NO SWEAT NO SWEET". Years have passed now, and I am beginning to understand that you must work hard. God has deposited all it takes to be great and to succeed in you, but you need to work hard to make it a reality in your life. STOP WISHING START WORKING!!!!

By Prize Abimbola Arowolo.

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