Tuesday, July 2, 2013



   After spending a night at the hospital, I have come to the conclusion that life and everything it entails is a gift. It is not a right or something that just happens by coincidence. Seeing so many people in pain and distress made me appreciate those things we consider little and normal or even a right. 
                         Recently I have been asking God if miracles really exist because I have been trusting him for a miracle for quite some time now. And in between all my mixed feelings of anger, sadness and confusion, a voice inside me told me waking up every morning is a miracle. Sleeping through the night in peace without pain or discomfort is a miracle. walking, talking, eating, and even reading comfortably is a miracle. Virtually everything is a miracle.
                         I was so bent on getting the big miracle that I could no longer realize the little miracles God gives to us on a daily basis. So I decided to write and encourage someone out there who is trusting God for a big miracle. Keep thanking him for the little miracles and trust him for the big one. Do not let the devil get in your head. God is God and he owes us no explanations for how things turn out, but he expects us to keep trusting him and believing in him. The truth is sometimes trusting God can be so hard when the situation at ground is so big and tedious, but I choose to believe and to trust in the power of God which is bigger than every situation. When difficulties arise and life's problems want to weigh you down, hold on steadfastly to God. And don't forget the fact that you are still breathing is a miracle! Where there is life there is hope. where there is life there is hope. So hold on just a little longer!! Our hope is built on nothing less than the solid rock!!!