Tuesday, June 2, 2015

                                     INNER BEAUTY ON FLEEK???

As a young lady in our time, if you do not take time to develop a relationship with God, you will just be like everyone else. Putting so much focus on things that would not last no matter how many plastic surgeries one gets. If you do not look deep to discover all that God has placed inside of you. you will be so focused on your outward look, and who is trying to look better than you. Your life is a lot more than just a pretty face and lovely figure. But there is a beauty inside that is ageless and only gets better with time and you need to be connected to God to access it. So stop taking your ques from the world, this world is not going to last for ever. Invest in eternal things. With that said there is nothing wrong with looking good. Take it seriously, but also make sure you take your inward growth and improvement seriously. I always used to wonder why some older women and just women in general go through so much stress, and plastic surgeries to change how they look, or try to cheat nature. One answer came to my mind one day when I was busy worrying about getting older.

You see what you invest in becomes of more value to you. So if outward beauty is the only thing you ever discover about yourself, if it is what you solely rely on, if you spend so much time getting dressed to be admired on the outside but not really for what is inside, when that beauty begins to fade, or a younger woman emerges with young beauty, you will be threatened and do just about any thing to hold on to your looks because that is the only thing you invested in. At first I wondered why women would want bigger, butts, boobs and spend so much on make up. But now I understand. Yes exercise, and do what you can to look good, but do not limit your beauty to how you look on the outside or what the world says is the standard for beauty. Create your own world and make the rules!!  Do not measure how beautiful you are or compare yourself to another woman. Is that not the reason we have people cutting themselves up thinking a bigger butt or boobs will make them happier. You should admire Gods beauty and even compliment it, but you should be content. When I look in the mirror I see God's perfection. Even when my mind wants to tell me I am not good enough, or my make up is not on fleek enough, I remind myself that these things are someones standard of what beauty is but I choose a higher standard. And by that standard I am perfect. So on the days when I have makeup on and the days I don't, I know I am beautiful. On the days I get complimented and the days I don't I know I am beautiful. If kim decides to break the internet or if she doesn;t I know I am beautiful. If I cant afford a mac I wont kill myself to get it because, I know I am beautiful with or without it.

If you create a balance, where you are working on your inner beauty as well as your character, your discipline and self control, your talents, your social skills, your spiritual growth and maturity, your self worth and so much more, you will be doing yourself a favor. You see every woman  has a unique type of outward beauty, but there a few who look even more beautiful outwardly because their inner beauty shines forth from the inside as well. What is the point of a pretty face, when your character is ugly? When you have a sharp and rude tongue?  God has deposited so much in you to only stay focused on just your outward container. You need to make sure that the content in your container is of good quality and that you keep improving like fine wine. Beauty is in different stages, my mum looks older now but she is more beautiful to me now than I ever remember, And I pray one day someone can look beyond my appearance and say you are beautiful. Do not be afraid of the stages, grow and learn and be happy you get to experience a new stage.

When you attain a certain level of maturity and wisdom, you wont see other women as competition, you will appreciate the differences in your body structures, and embrace what you consider flaws.. Yes what you consider flaws because God thinks you are perfect and to die for, that's why we have the cross to remind us. Oh yes I love to look good, but I always remind myself that looking good goes beyond how I look on the outside. And compliments do not define me and neither does negativity. I get my validation from the word of God. I am fearfully and wonderfully made and so are you.  And please do not be so careless with how you look on the outside. That s why I spoke about a balance. Look neat, put your hair together properly, Apply make up if you choose to, let everything be done decently and moderately

What do you have apart from your outward beauty? Has your inner beauty improved? Be more than just a pretty face!! PEOPLE WHO SHINE FROM WITHIN DONT NEED THE SPOT LIGHT, THEY ARE THE SPOT LIGHT!! SHINE SHINE SHINE!!

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